The Pegboard - A Master Organisation Tool

Both stylish and functional, a pegboard is an incredibly versatile home office organiser that complements any desk setup. You can use these nifty organizers to mount anything from wall décor, to lights, plants, books, and even tech accessories.

With dozens of configurations and setup permutations, the pegboard world is your oyster - and we’ve curated the best of them. Jump in and get some inspiration for how to best use a pegboard for your desk setup with our Top 10 ways to get the best out of your pegboard and build a true desk empire!


1. Keyboard Collectors - It's Time

If your setup serves two or more distinct purposes, like gaming and programming, where you possess two different keyboards each craft, then let nothing hold you back from proudly displaying your prized possessions. If you've not heard of it yet, then hear it from us first - mechanical keyboards are already and if not, will become the next big thing in the tech-accessory space. A trend is forming, popularity is brewing, demand is rising for personalised keyboards. So if you're already on the forefront of this trend, then pegboards are the perfect place to hang your mechanical keyboards and display it all.



3. Organise Those Headphones & Earphones

Next to our smartphones, our headphones have become an integral part of our daily lives to the extent that we can’t step outside the house without them. Our gaming, YouTube binging, Netflix sessions in front of our computer, or music-listening just don’t seem complete without them. 

The tricky part is finding the best place to store them when you need your ears free. Besides, leaving them sitting on the desk gathering dust is not only a bad idea for their longevity but also clutters your workspace.

Storing them on a pegboard not only offers an ingenious solution to organisation and storage, but will give your interior a new, unique character and provides an aesthetic method of showcasing your prized possessions. 



4. Add Succulents & Decorative Ornaments

Succulents are not just easy to grow, beautiful and popular. They are also one of the best ways to bring a sprinkle of freshness, greenery and life to any desk empire. Whether your setup serves the endeavours of productivity or leisure, it's always fulfilling to have a plant around. More than anything, it's an easy, living object to water and care for periodically that has a magical way of lifting your spirits whilst adding a decorative touch to your empire - and what better way to display them than on your pegboard - where by way of design, accentuates how it's displayed for you to view.


Pegboard Ideas for your workspace


5. Don't Hide Your Stationary In Drawers

New trends has us scrambling to turn our desk into a semblance of a moderately productive work setup. And while we need some healthy distraction, this is a great opportunity to amp up your workspace with a pegboard and simple tools of productivity - stationary! Pen, paper, rulers, staplers and notebooks are the first principles and building blocks of any non-tech imbued work station, and why not take things beyond the realm of regular and reserve a space on your pegboard for these items.


Pegboard Ideas for your workspace


6. Picture Frames - Thanks For The Memories

We see many people decorating this way, with dozens of picture frames lined up on a surface. Big frames in front of small frames, mismatched sizes all jumbled together, and so many picture frames that you can barely see the table. We love displaying memories, but a line-up of frames on a surface is not necessarily the best way to show off your family or favourite moments. A Pegboard gives you many alternatives to store your photos - for example:

1) Hang those photos from a simple peg next to each other like the image below

2) You could attach said photo frames directly to your pegboard

3) You could attach shelves onto your pegboard and simply place those frames on aforementioned shelves. Whether one add-on for one photo frame or placing more than one frame on one shelf. Let your creativity flow and have fun experimenting!


Best Ideas For Your Pegboard


7. Time To Clock In

With the rise of smartphones, analogue clocks seem like a natural thing of the past. Incorporating timepieces into our desk empires in a way that seems intentional and well-curated, rather than outdated or old-fashioned will most certainly turn it into a timeless decorative tool that can work well in any design persona. It's a great accessory for your pegboard and gives it an aura of style and functionality.


Pegboard Ideas for your workspace


8. Add To-do Lists & Important Notes

Make your day so much more organized, as well as helping out with the little endorphin-highs by adding these items to your pegboards and crossing to dos off your to-do list! Keeping important notes, reminders and to-dos not only aid in lifestyle organisation and productivity, but are additionally extremely stylish and fits with other things because of its sleek, classic-display nature!


Pegboard Ideas for your workspace


9. A Calendar To Keep Those Dates In Sight

As you’re snapping back into your fall routine, you’re going to need a calendar to keep you on track - and to make your pegboard look pulled together, too. Keep track of your dates in style as you create space for jotting down appointments - which will always be in view and at eye-level. 


Pegboard Ideas for your workspace


10. Conceptualise what you're putting up and get the necessary add-ons!


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