Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

At OLTRA Industries, the principle that forms the bedrock of our brand is simply: a win-win for all parties involved with customer centricity being the fundamental pillar for which we operate. We believe in offering irresistible prices for our customers and the highest commission fee (15%) in the market for all affiliates and partners.

Our affiliate program is an opportunity for micro and macro influencers, streamers and social media personalities to be a part of a global initiative. So if you feel that your audience or followers will benefit from the products we offer, and want to be an advocate of our brand, then we want to equip and reward you.


What To Expect

Upon receiving your email indicating interest of participating in this program, our brand manager will do a quick survey of your platform, page, and the way in which your brand conducts itself. We will reach out to you within 12 hours, with a quick brief, an affiliate link and provide you with all the relevant marketing materials you require - so you have to do minimal work and focus on what you do best - delivering value to your followers/clients.


How Commissions Are Paid

Commissions are paid through UpPromote, our affiliate partner. Once you are approved and sign-up with UpPromote via a specialised link that we will send your way, you can choose how often you want to collect your commissions and the method of payment.


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Details to include:

1. Which social media platform your brand/page is on

2. Link(s) to your page(s)

3. Any further requests or questions regarding our future partnership