No-Couch-Potatoes Campaign

Spending too much time sitting?

Can't commit 1 hour to gym daily?

Unsatisfied with your physical state?

Feeling more unhealthy as the weeks go by?

Stuck in a rhythm of bad lifestyle habits?

Finding that you're aging poorly?

We have a simple and extremely effective solution for you.


Option #1: Elevation Training Mask

This fitness gamechanger features the ability to simulate conditions at higher altitudes to stress the body during exercise, allowing users to train like elite athletes and achieve significantly higher caloric output. It significantly improves lung function, strength and capacity - the three core components of our respiratory health.


Option #2: Weighted Training Vest

Made for breaking your fitness game limits, take your trainings to another level with our

This weighted vest develops strength, endurance and cardio. Adding extra mass propagates muscle stress and strain during exercise. The added weight increases the force at which you exert yourself, leading to faster energy depletion.


The "No Couch Potato" Quest is a 20-minute-a-day commitment to kickstart the ultimate lifestyle and get you in the best shape of your life.

The program focuses on incorporating a variety of quick, fun and effective exercises to ensure you spend the least amount of time to achieve the most effective results - building a perpetual rhythm of great lifestyle habits and adding a few years to your life count.

More importantly, we guarantee you will enjoy the process and look forward to it on a daily basis. You will notice the results almost instantly. Just take a look in your mirror in 5 days to see the truth.

Trust our process - results or money-back guaranteed.

Time to take control. Add a few years to your life just by acting now
The ultimate lifestyle awaits you

We'll make this super simple: Do this quest, send us your results, weight-loss or muscle-gain, and OLTRA will send you a free mystery box (Worth $100) to congratulate you on your triumph.


Step 1: Pick up a calorie-burning amplifier

Mask // Weighted Vest


Step 2: Pick your weapon of choice

Push-up Platform // Skipping Rope // Yoga Mat


Step 3: Select one of our workout programs

Jump start your cardio.