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Purple Marbled Desk Mat - 2022 Marbled Collection

Purple Marbled Desk Mat - 2022 Marbled Collection

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A modern, stylish and non-slip desk mat that adds the perfect finishing touch to your desk empire. Made with a soft fabric polyester top, this desk mat features a 1/8" thick, non-skid natural rubber backing.

Meticulously constructed with premium materials, feel the mark of quality that stems through its anti-fray stitching technology - preventing its edges from unravelling and giving it the ability to last a lifetime.

Product Details

Soft Fabric Polyester Surface
Anti-fray Stitching
Neoprene Inserts
1/8" Non-skid Natural Rubber Backing
Thermal Transferred Processing
Dye Sublimation


Small - 300 x 600 x 2mm
Medium - 300 x 800 x 2mm
Large - 400 x 900 x 2mm

Care Information

Water - Remove water with a paper towel and let it dry

Spills (Drinks & Food) - Gently wet the stain with a mix of water and light detergent. Wait 2-3 minutes and remove moisture. Repeat until the stain lightens

Dust and dry stains - Vacuum the desk pad

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