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Natural Wooden Log Coaster

Natural Wooden Log Coaster

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The Natural Wooden Log coasters are a rustic, classic choice to prevent condensation water rings from destroying your table. Each of these coasters are freshly cut from logs (hence the slight variation in sizing) and treated to give it a natural and premium feel - a beautiful addition to your desk empire.

Nobody gets the same coaster (they are all unique and exclusive from being freshly cut)

Product Details

~ Material: Natural Wood
~ Drip Protection
~ Non-slip Base
~ Surface Protection
~ Stain Resistant


Small: 6 to 7cm
Medium: 10 to 12cm

Care Information

Wet a paper towel or non-abrasive soft cloth with warm water and wipe coaster down at the sight of the stain. Set the coasters aside and allow it to air dry.

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