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Moryana Edition Desk Fan

Moryana Edition Desk Fan

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An aesthetic and functional addition to your desk empire. This compact, sturdy and powerful fan hosts an adjustable speed knob and operates in silent fashion, allowing you to maintain your focus on working or gaming whilst maintaining an optimal temperature. Avoid overheating at your desk and feel a constant stream of cooling air without the guilt of turning on your air-conditioner.

Product Details

~ Material: Thermoplastic Polymer
~ Horizontal & Vertical Rotation
~ Voltage: DC5V/2A
~ Interface Mode: USB
~ Charging Time: 2 hours
~ Speed Modes: 2


11 x 9 x 16 cm

Care Information

Remove the grill/guard from your fan, vacuum the grill/guard and wipe it with a damp cloth, wipe down fan blades, dry fan blades and grill/guard.

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