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Punisher Edition LED Desk Decor

Punisher Edition LED Desk Decor

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Reinvent your desk empire with an aesthetically colour-coordinated glow - escalating your mood and elevating your desk experience to a whole new level. It’s a transformation that requires a simple flick of a switch, but enhances the atmosphere into one of endless creativity and pure ecstasy. OLTRA’s LED Desk Lights are all hand-made and crafted with a clear goal - to get you in the mood of feeling good.
↓ What our customers say about this product ↓
~ “ Perfect for my gaming room aesthetics ”
~ “ Great match for my desk setup colour theme “
~ “ Sometimes when I’m done writing reports, i just turn it on to uplift my mood “

Product Details

~ Smart Touch: Toggle between Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White
~ Hand-made
~ Material: High Strength Thermoplastic Polymer
~ Low Voltage Energy Saving
~ Hazard-Free
~ Zero Leakage
~ Input Voltage: 5V
~ Dual Power Supply: USB // 3x AA Battery


240 x 140 x 87 (mm)

Care Information

Ensure your sign is unplugged, clean light tubes with warm mixed with soap. Make sure the ingredients don't contain any ammonia though as this can be damaging to the tubes. Gently wipe them down using a clean cloth and dry them quickly with a lint-free towel.

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